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Welcome to DBHDD PolicyStat - where DBHDD Policies are just two clicks away!


No account is necessary – no log-in required. Just use the SEARCH bar above to locate the policies you need!

To see NEW and RECENTLY REVISED POLICIES from the past 30, 60 and 90 days, scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the link.

The DBHDD PolicyStat INDEX can help you identify the policies you need. Find the policy number and come back to this HOME page to SEARCH for the policy.

COMMUNITY PROVIDERS: Policy 04-100 contains information and tools, including a “demo” of the system and an FAQ list. Please review this information.

DBHDD EMPLOYEES: Guide to PolicyStat contains tips for using the system, as well as a “demo” of the system.


  • keyword for the topic - some examples: medication, incident, or nursing
  • policy title
  • policy number
  • use CHAPTER tab and FILTER for all policies within a specific Chapter
  • search for the word policy and you’ll see all the policies in the system!



  • You can now bookmark this website, make it a “favorite” or create a shortcut on your desktop for quick access.
  • If you have difficulty seeing the full image of the policy (including the buttons at the top for PRINTER FRIENDLY and EMAIL COPY), follow these steps to change your screen resolution:
    • Right click on desktop and select Properties.
    • In Display Properties, select Settings
    • In Screen Resolution change the resolution to 1024 x 768 pixels & click Apply/OK.
  • Send questions or feedback about DBHDD PolicyStat to PolicyQuestions@dbhdd.ga.gov.

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