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Family Support Services Program Application Process, 02-407



All Family Support Services Providers, individuals, family members, legal guardians, natural supports, or persons making an application for Family Support Services on behalf on an individual.  


Family Support Services are non-entitlement State Funded Services designed to assist individuals diagnosed with intellectual disabilities or developmental disabilities(ID/DD), as defined by Family Support Services, in maintaining a cohesive family unit, to live at home, and within the community setting. DBHDD ensures prudent use of resources to support Family Support Services through the following requirements:

  • State funds paid to organizations are a benefit for those individuals who meet the functional, diagnostic and additional
    eligibility criteria established by DBHDD.
  • DBHDD establishes the monetary limit which individuals who meet DBHDD criteria and qualify for services are eligible to receive.
  • DBHDD is the payor of last resort.
  • Providers vigorously pursue payment for services from all payor sources so that public resources can be maximized to meet the needs of individuals that have been determined to be eligible for Family Support Services.
  • Providers cannot reimburse or provide services that exceed NOW Waiver Rates or Medicaid Rates.
  • Providers cannot provide services/goods that are not listed on the Non-Covered Goods and Services List.


  1.  Family Support Application Process
    1. The Family Responsibilities:
      1. The family is responsible for submitting a complete Individualized Family Support Application (Attachment A) and Family Support Services Agreement (Attachment B) along with providing documentation of the developmental disability status of their family member to a Family Support Provider.  
        1. The Family Support Application includes the following sections:
          • Demographic Information, and
          • Diagnosis Information.
      2. Supporting documentation is provided to verify the diagnosis of a developmental disability, intellectual disability, or Autism Spectrum Disorder. The following is a list of acceptable supporting documentation of an ID/DD:
        1. DD I&E Assessment,
        2. Psychological Evaluation (only ID/DD),
        3. School IEP (only ID/DD Status),
        4. Functional Limitations (due to ID/DD),
        5. Medical Verification of ID/DD,
        6. Social Security Disability (only ID/DD Status),
        7. Other: Related Diagnosis Documentation of ID/DD. 
      3. Current Services Information
        1. The family must disclose if the individual is receiving any services for assistance to include but not limited to:
          • NOW/COMP Waiver,
          • State Funded Services (Grant In Aid),
          • Services Options Using Resources in a Community Environment (SOURCE),
          • Independent Care Waiver Program (ICWP),
          • Georgia Pediatric Program (GAPP),
          • Deeming Waiver,
          • Community Care Services Program (CCSP),
          • Children Intervention Services,
          • Children's Medical Services,
          • Individual Education Plan (IEP),
        2. The family verifies that the individual will continue to live in the family home.
      4.  Agreement Section
        1. Signature of the individual or parent/guardian must be present.
    2. The Family Support Services Agreement (see Attachment B) provides that the applicant understands and acknowledges that Family Support services are neither an entitlement nor a grant, and are provided as services to assist in maintaining a cohesive family unit and to assist the individual to live at home in the community. The continued need for Family Support services is re-evaluated no less than annually.
  2. Review of Eligibility by the Provider Agency
    1. The Provider specifies staff person(s) (Family Support Coordinator) responsible for intake and have the following responsibilities:
      1. Take referrals and applications for the Family Support Program,
      2. Review the completed Family Support Application,
      3. Determine whether families are eligible;
        1. The individual identified is three (3) years of age or older,
        2. The individual identified has supporting documentation that verifies the presence of a Developmental Disability,
        3. The individual identified has the desire to have continued home care or their family wishes to return to or continue home care of the them, but requires support and/or assistance to do so, and
        4. The authorized services and goods for which the individual identified or family is eligible are sufficient to support and/or assist the continuation of care in the home setting.
    2. Complete Section V of the Family Support Application, to include the following: 
      1. Date application received
      2. Disposition for Family Supports
        1. Eligibility 
        2. Ineligibility
      3. Provider Information 
      4. Signature
    3. Submit the Family Support Services Application (see Attachment A), Individualized Family Support Agreement (see Attachment B), and supporting documentation to their Field Office designated staff person(s);
    4. Notify families regarding eligibility or ineligibility within 30 days after receipt of the application;
    5. Inform families of their eligibility status verbally and in writing; and either:
      1. Notify each family of the availability of program funds and develop an Individualized Family Support Plan based on the family's needs that are consistent with the disability, or
      2. Notify the family of their place and status on a waiting list.
  3.  Family Support Services Application Submission to the Field Office 
    1. The Family Support Provider submits to the Field Office the approved documentation, which must include the following:
      1. Family Support Services application,
      2. Supporting documentation,
      3. Family Support Agreement Letter.
  4. Field Office Responsibility
    1. It is the responsibility of the Field Office to identify a staff person that is responsible for:
      1. Being the designated point of receipt of all Family Support Applications,
      2. Review and verify the accuracy and completeness of Family Support applications, and
      3. Provide a response to the Family Support Provider according to the review process.
  5. Review Process Conducted by Field Office Staff on a Family Support Services Application 
    1. The assigned Field Office staff verifies that the individual is eligible for Family Support Services by, reviewing the individual's:
      1. DD Waiver Status (NOW or COMP),
      2. State Funded Services, and/or
      3. Other services from another Family Support Provider.
    2. The assigned Field Office staff review the application for completeness of: 
      1. Section I (Individual's Information),
      2. Section II (Developmental Disability Diagnosis Status) and the attached Supporting Documentation Verifying Disability,
      3. Section III (Current Services Summary), and
      4. The Family Support Agreement. 
    3. The assigned Field Office staff acknowledges receipt and review of the document in writing either by returning the completed Section VI on page 3 of the Family Support Application, or by email to the provider staff, within ten (10) business days. The written or email response includes:
      1. Date that the application was reviewed,
      2. Disposition of the application.
        1.  Eligibility Status confirmed, or
        2.  Ineligibility and reason for the determination.  
      3. Field Office Reviewer clearly printed name and contact information and signature.
  6.  Notification of approval/disapproval for Family Support Services 
    1. The Family Support Service Provider approves or disapproves each family's application within thirty (30) calendar days after receipt of the complete application. The Family Support Service Provider is responsible for notifying the individual family in writing of reasons for denial. Family Support Service Provider has agency policies on the family support enrollment process that are consistent with family support requirements listed in this and related DBHDD policies.

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Anne Akili, Psy.D.: Policy Director 11/12/2015
Dan Howell: Director Division of Developmental Disabilities 11/11/2015
Frank Kirkland: Assistant Division Director for DD 11/5/2015
Ron Wakefield: Director, Office of Field Operations for DD 11/4/2015
Robert Bell: Director of Community Supports 11/3/2015
Anne Akili, Psy.D.: Policy Director 9/25/2015
Terah Harris-Tessier: DD Program and Policy Development 9/25/2015
Approver Date
Anne Akili, Psy.D.: Policy Director 11/12/2015
Dan Howell: Director Division of Developmental Disabilities 11/11/2015
Frank Kirkland: Assistant Division Director for DD 11/5/2015
Ron Wakefield: Director, Office of Field Operations for DD 11/4/2015
Robert Bell: Director of Community Supports 11/3/2015
Anne Akili, Psy.D.: Policy Director 9/25/2015
Terah Harris-Tessier: DD Program and Policy Development 9/25/2015
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