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Access to Human Resources Policies, 22-104 Human Resources Policies cover a variety of subjects relating to employment. It is critical that both managers and employees have access to and general knowledge ... Human Resources 02/2012
Access to Personnel-Related Public Records Based on the Georgia Open Records Act, 22-602 This policy is replaced by: 24-101 Access to Public Records Pursuant to the Georgia Open Records Act. Please click here to see the policy. Human Resources 08/2012
Administration of Employee Leave Program, 22-1003 DBHDD provides a comprehensive leave program for eligible employees. Supervisors are responsible for managing leave in accordance with this policy. The leave program is administered ... Human Resources 06/2011
Administrative Closing of Offices, 22-108 DBHDD 24-hour facilities that provide direct care for individuals will remain open, and announcements related to administrative closings and/or delayed openings are not applicable. Specific ... Human Resources 02/2015
Advanced Salary Hiring, 22-804 Individuals hired by DBHDD, who are new to state government or returning after a break in service, are generally hired at the entry salary for ... Human Resources 06/2011
Alcohol and Drug Testing Programs, 22-1302 DBHDD has five testing programs that serve to promote an alcohol/drug-free and safe work place. These alcohol/drug testing programs are as follows: Preemployment (drug testing ... Human Resources 03/2011
Americans with Disabilities Act, 22-1704 DBHDD and its employees are subject to the provisions of Title I of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibiting unlawful discrimination against qualified individuals ... Human Resources 07/2011
Annual, Sick and Personal Leave, 22-1006 Annual, sick and personal leave are to be administered as indicated in this policy. PROCEDURES 1. GENERAL PROVISIONS 1. Absences from work will be charged ... Human Resources 06/2011
Assignment of Duties, 22-106 Management has the responsibility to accomplish the mission of DBHDD. Based on the needs of the Department, management has the authority to assign, take from, ... Human Resources 05/2011
Calculation of Salary Payments, 22-801 All organizational units of DBHDD are to calculate salary payments in accordance with this policy to ensure that employees are paid correctly. PROCEDURES 1. STANDARD/SCHEDULED ... Human Resources 05/2011
Charitable Contributions Program, 22-1801 The Charitable Contributions Program is an annual statewide program that gives State employees the opportunity to support eligible charitable organizations. Employees may choose to contribute ... Human Resources 07/2011
Court Leave, 22-1008 Employees who are ordered to attend any judicial proceeding during work hours are to be allowed to attend the proceeding. Employees will not be discharged, ... Human Resources 11/2010
Criminal History Record Checks for DBHDD Employees, 22-504 DBHDD is concerned about the health and safety of all individuals and the safeguarding of state property. It is the policy of DBHDD that all ... Human Resources 06/2012
Criminal History Record Checks for Nursing Home Units, 22-505 In accordance with state law, individuals with certain criminal history records are disqualified from employment in DBHDD units that are licensed or permitted as nursing ... Human Resources 02/2012
Delegation of Authority, 22-105 The DBHDD Commissioner is the appointing authority for DBHDD. Specific authority has been delegated to DBHDD managers and employees to accomplish the mission of the ... Human Resources 06/2011
Demotions, 22-1102 A demotion is the movement of an employee to a position in a job on a lower pay grade. A demotion may be voluntary or ... Human Resources 05/2011
Disciplinary-Dismissal Actions - Classified Employees, 22-1601 The intent of this policy is to establish a disciplinary procedure for classified employees that is fair, prompt, and complies with the requirements of laws, ... Human Resources 06/2011
Disciplinary-Separation Actions for Unclassified Employees, 22-1602 DBHDD recognizes that Georgia is an "employment-at-will" state. As such, unclassified employees serve at the discretion of the Department. PROCEDURES 1. GENERAL PROVISIONS 1. Applicants ... Human Resources 05/2011
Drug-Free Workplace, 22-1301 In accordance with the Federal Drug-free Workplace Act and the Georgia Drug-free Public Work Force Act, it is the policy of DBHDD to maintain a ... Human Resources 06/2011
Education and Training for DBHDD Employees, 22-1803 DBHDD provides a wide variety of work-related training for employees to support and ensure that the mission of the Department is carried out effectively and ... Human Resources 07/2011